Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Time Flies

The time from Aug. 1 - almost Nov. 1 has just flown. We have had a trail of people come through Abilene. We so enjoy friends from seasons of the past.

Haley Edmiston came home from Thailand to take care of some health issues and she got to stay in her old bedroom. It just seem like old times - except there was not a trail of baby powder from the bedroom to bathroom! Haley lived with us the first year we were in Abilene.

Patti and Charles Turk came to visit their daughter, Lindsey, who is a senior here at ACU. They are from Mississippi. Patti and I met when we were about five years old. She and Charles are Aggies, but they moved from College Station just as we were arriving in 1980. We have stayed in touch off and on all through the years. It was so much fun to visit. Our husbands connect too and that is always a plus. Historical side note: I met Patti in twirling class in Houston, Texas around 1961. My mom put me in twirling class at five because I had been born two months premature and the doctor told her it would be good for my coordination. From twirling came my days in juggling. Funny how some seasons melt into others.

I have finished two books in the past few months. Radical by David Platt and One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp. Both of them made an impact on me. They are both books that I would recommend. I need to put them up on Pinterest (come follow me). Yes, that is another thing that has come into my life. I do not spend much time on this site (yet), but it is fun to have a place to put all of the ideas that would be fun to try. Recipes and books will probably be my favorite categories. Well, and then the grandkids!!

A new job opportunity has come in these months also. I am a part-time worker at Team Financial Strategies. This company is owned by Jody Team. Jody and Rachel Team were a young married couple we met many years ago in College Station. There are two locations of TFS -- one in Abilene where Jody is based and one in Grandbury. I'm learning all kinds of things mainly on the computer. The Teams have two adorable girls about the ages of Cailyn and Corban. We babysat the girls this week.

And that brings me to the next season. We will be spending Thanksgiving (before and after) with Alison-Justin-Cailyn-Corban!! WHOOP!! We have lots of stuff packed and plan on another night of packing as well. They left quite a bit here when they left in January and we have bought quite a bit. Remember the book store I worked at last year - Abilene Educational Supply? Well, when things go on sale at 90% off it is just hard not to purchase educational supplies...so fun!!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Where is My Camera??

My Camera is hanging on the hook in the computer room where we keep it but it somehow didn't get pulled out on a very exciting week -- the pictures would have been so good.

I will just have to drop some names and you will know how good it was!! We started out by getting a surprise visit from Phil and Patti Grassie from NM, and from DC, their wonderful son, Jason Grassie, our son-in-love!! We enjoyed laughter, talk of God and how our lives were going!! The only thing missing was our Hannah!! (next time)

As the evening came Mark Clancy from Lima arrived to spend several days with us. We were then introduced over Skype to his sweet one in Lima, Kami Hill!! Nothing like up to date media that gives us such fun experiences!!

When we woke up on Sunday morning, another arrival had come -- Matt Worthington, from DC...again these guys left their wives in DC, so no Jessie with him!! (next time) Matt was in Abilene for the ACU Summit! He spoke at Summit about Teach for America and how the church can help the public school.

We enjoyed long talks, laughter, and Blue Bell!! But NO PICTURES!!