Monday, February 20, 2012

Reading with Daniel

While in Lima in November, Daniel began reading a book that Alison had and liked it so much that he bought it for me for Christmas. You may laugh but he knows me so well that he knew I would also enjoy it. He then went to the table of contents and put dates beside each chapter and approached me about talking about each chapter on Sundays of each week. First, of all, I do love a man that realizes that his woman loves to learn about new things in the Bible and puts it in action by scheduling with her!! Boy, was God good when He brought Daniel to me for a life partner!! Now, it looked different when the girls were being raised. I would bring a book to Daniel and book mark a chapter and ask that we read and discuss later -- sometime. Now we are empty nesters so -go easy on your husband in those early years. Little by little you can develop into reading books together - it takes time.

The book is entitled Sitting at the Feet of Rabbi Jesus. Has it occurred to you that we are walking by a Jewish document? How much do you know about the Jewish culture before, during, and after the time Jesus lived? If you would like to know more, this is the book for you. Those of you in College Station, Lanette Schulte told me she has taught this book to several classes of home schoolers. She is a wonderful resource!!

Daniel and I have realized we had some thoughts that were underdeveloped about Rabbis in general. That there were many Rabbi and that when Jesus came along he could have been thought of as "just another Rabbi".

"The Jews of Jesus' day greatly prized the study of the Scriptures... These teachers (rabbis) would travel, were never paid, and would take students to study under them for years.... Raising up disciples who would carry on his teaching was one of the greatest goals of rabbis.... These disciples would then hold their own classes in homes and synagogues.... The mission of a rabbi was to become a living example of what it means to apply God's Word to one's life.... The disciples would not only study the Scripture but they would study the rabbis life in order to learn how to live out the Torah... People were expected to open their homes, provide food and shelter to these wandering teachers and their disciples... Rabbis would sit on low pillows and their disciples would sit on mats around them. When Mary was described as "sitting at Jesus' feet" that meant she was a disciple."

I love the idea that this is my heritage. The co-authors, Spangler and Tverberg, ask what type of disciple are you - a funnel, a sponge, a strainer or a sieve? I will leave you with that -- you will have to read the book to know the definitions of those!! Peace to you as we walk as disciples on earth now!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Washing Dishes

Recently our church had an event and some serving dishes were needed. I reached into my china closet (passed on to me from my mom and dad) and packed up what I had. There were several pieces. I remember feeling excited to have some serving dishes to share. That night as we returned home I stacked the dishes up and planned to wash them the next day.

I mentioned to Daniel as I was washing the dishes the next day that I didn't really remember mom using these dishes that had been passed down to me. He reminded me that at holidays he remembered some of them being taken out of the boxes and used. I told him that was true. My mom had a very hospitable personality and welcoming spirit but there were limited friends and relatives who came to visit at our house so I do not have memories of watching or experiencing hosting people in our home in the same way that Daniel and I have experienced since our marriage. Although, I learned in other ways how to be hospitable. Mom was a gift giver and so much of the time her gifts were gifts of food! She was a great cook!! Ahhhh, so many memories of wonderful meals. It seemed to be like magic the way she cooked. Putting ingredients together and it always turned out yummy!! I would watch and participate as we took cookies and cakes to express our love, appreciation, sympathy to friends. It makes sense that she would have dishes to put food on for her loved ones as we celebrated each holiday.

All of my memories of how kind my mom was to others, and what a loyal friend she was came out loud and clear in her life as I watched and experienced my life with her. So now as I wash the dishes the memories come back and I am so grateful for the experiences that come in odd ways.