Sunday, December 28, 2008

Costa Rica, Dec 2008

Orozco-Thompson-Wenzel families and Orozco-Thompson-Clancy families

Very early on Christmas eve, Cathie, Hannah, and I began our journey together that brought us to San Jose, Costa Rica, to visit Justin, Alison, and Cailyn for a week. After a smooth flight (yeah for Cathie!), we arrived and survived an exciting van ride for the 40 minutes to their home. Justin's family (Teri, Andy, Preston, and Allie) were here already, so we were all able to spend 2 days together. On Christmas day we followed the Costa Rican tradition of having a late dinner. Joining us were Mark Clancy and his parents, Danny and Susan, and another young couple our Lima Team has befriended, Jason, Lindsey, and Shelby Cleaver (also going to Lima, Peru). What a feast!

On Christmas eve we spent time opening gifts and of course the main attraction was Cailyn's activity. Lot's of pictures and laughs for all of us.

Our daily routine has been to hang out around the house, play with Cailyn, play games, nap, and take day trips by bus, taxi, and walking. Cailyn likes to yell for a taxi whenever we get to the main road, whether we need one or not. Cathie and I decided that our night time routine would include bath time with Honey (Cathie) and then singing time with DaddyO and Honey before going to bed. It has been the real treasure of the trip to have Cailyn get on the bed, lay down and wait for us to lay down with her. Tonight, she and Cathie were on the bed and I was putting something in the living room. Cailyn yelled out, "Da'O, Da'O" because I wasn't in the bed fast enough for her. With the lights out, Cathie and I sing random praise songs while Cailyn lays there and falls asleep. As I said earlier, this is the real treasure for us.
. We covet your prayers.

May the Lord's blessings be evident to you

Monday, December 22, 2008

Caroling, College Station Friends

As many of you know we leave in less than 48 hours for Costa Rica. The kids left on August 20th so we are ready to hug them and play with Cailyn!!! But in the middle of thinking of this, we have enjoyed many other events. Our tradition of caroling continued here in Abilene. We were excited to have some College Station friends here to join with us this year. We went to University Place and enjoyed a time with Grams, a friend of Hannah, Lynn Spivey and Janet Jergins' mom, and the Brooms (missionaries of long ago). We headed to see two families that Hannah met while here in Abilene, the Lakey and the Riggs families. We ended with visiting Jacque, Mitzi Mills' mom. Refreshments and the reading of The Night Before Christmas waited on us back home.

On Sunday, Mike, Kathy, Jayden and Scott came to spend the day with us. Of course Mike brought his guitar. We enjoyed much singing. Jayden and Hannah especially. An another highlight was Hannah's boyfriend, Jason Grassie, showcased his yodeling abilities, a new insight for all of us!! We got to share our Hope church family with the Holts and then enjoyed a new game, The Last Word.

Continuing on with visits, Erin and Travis Bodeker were in Abilene visiting family and we had them for lunch today. They are living in Chicago now while Travis is in medical school. What a JOY to remember our sweet times in College Station, and make new memories in Abilene.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

What do you want me to do for you?

That is the question Jesus asked Bartimaeus in Luke 18:35-43. I have such memories of reading this story to the girls out of the Read A-loud Bible Story book. Moms and Grandmoms, check out this resource. There are a couple of volumes, and I'm sure there have been additions since my girls were little.

As I worked back through a chapter in the book, Sacred Rhythms, I read this story again. Shanna French, a young wife who is earnestly seeking the Lord, has asked for us to share about this book, chapter by chapter, over email. Isn't technology great!!! She is in Houston and I'm in Abilene and yet we can walk with each other as we journey.

When I ask myself this question, it takes time of silence to really come up with an answer. Do I know myself well enough to answer? I must be still and let the sediment settle. How blessed I am that in the Christmas season God allows me to have time to sit and be quiet. I love that things are as they are in my life at this point. Our move has awakened "what do I really want and what does God really want" in our lives. I mean, we know that our lives are about a ministry of reconciliation, II Corinthians 5:18-20 -- yielding ourselves and begging others on behalf of Christ to reconcile to God, but how that plays out each day is a mystery. I really love to walk into each day and see what He brings me. Soon, I need to share with you the ones He has introduced us to here in Abilene.

Bartimaeus asked for his sight, a physical need. I love it that it was physical because sometimes we think that physical needs don't really matter, it is only the spiritual needs we need to ask about. I don't believe that. Daniel laughs at me because I find myself asking for things like parking spaces, productivity of the day or that someone will answer their phone. I do get to the deeper things, but i don't see a limit to what I ask my Father about. All that said, when all is thought about ....

My answer is: I want myself and my family now and for generations to come to be deeply in love with God, to be intent on searching Him out, to be passionately in love with their Heavenly Father, to have deep relationship with their creator. To Trust.

Listen to Jesus asking you, What do you want me to do for you?

Thursday, December 4, 2008

December 4 update on house building

Well, we are about 4 weeks from final inspection and move in. Cathie and I are extremely excited. A major obstacle was overcome today when we found out that the floor tile we ordered 6 weeks ago was not going to be shipped into the country, but we got the word that a sufficient amount was located to complete our project. This is a key victory, since we used the stone color to influence the other colors of the house. today our 2 gates were installed. Both sides and the back of our property already have fence, so we just needed to put in the gates. We will work on the grass for the front and finish about 5-8 rows in the backyard on the weekend of Dec 12-14. Enjoy these few pics.