Thursday, June 11, 2009

Because of Our Kids

Daniel and I have always had a large group of friends in our age group, but more often than not, we spend much of our time with younger people. God has handed many from a younger generation to us as good friendships. Many of these friends have come our direction as an outpouring of our girls' relationships. As if they went ahead of us and planted friendships that would then bless us at another time.

Mark Clancy was in Abilene this past week, and we were able to sit and visit and pray together. It was a great time to talk about Mark's transition from Costa Rica, to the states for a few weeks and then on to Lima. He is only a few steps behind our kids in arriving in Lima. As 2009 has developed, it is becoming clear that God's plan, and not the Lima team's, is for them to arrive in Lima in stages. (the Davidson's in Jan., our kids in May, Mark in July, Yoakums in August and the Fletchers later this year after the baby comes). It is always great to sit and visit with the Lima Team members. Somehow, it makes us feel closer to our own children in Lima.

Another couple of "kiddos" we enjoy are Jessie Reyna and Matt Worthington. Jessie and Hannah met the first week of school during their freshman year. A true jewel of a friend of Hannah's. Jessie and I have enjoyed meeting this past year and now she brings Matt along sometimes. Matt was also a friend of Hannah's. We met him the day they graduated, May, 2008. He has just received an assignment with Teach for America in Washington DC. We are excited to watch them enjoy the blessings of the next season of their lives. Jessie, you may remember for a previous post, is heading off to Seattle for graduate school.

All of these young friendships make us feel young and close to our own girls and Justin. What blessings God continues to hand us in Abilene. Thank you, Lord Jesus.

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Rach said...

Cathie, be sure to tell Jessie when she comes to Seattle that if she wants a great day away from it all to catch the ferry (coho) to Victoria and I will pick her up and can even let her stay with us if she wants a weekend with someone from Abilene area. She probably will remember me. Just pass my name on. Seattle in reality is not that far from Victoria.