Saturday, September 19, 2009

A Kite!!

A prayer I prayed back in 2006 was, Lord, please let Alison meet the love of Hannah's life before she leaves on her mission journey." The girls have always been close. Alison was so welcoming to Hannah in high school, letting her be a part of all group activities. There was never any of this, you are the little sister, you are not our age, I just want to be with MY friends without you. When Alison ended up at ACU there was no question Hannah wanted to go to ACU because her sister was there and she even wanted to graduate from high school early. And so she did. There was also the day in 2005 Alison called and ask what do you think of Hannah living with Justin and I for the summer? I didn't feel it was a good idea, Alison and Justin had just married. This would be their first summer as a married couple. Alison ask for a pros and con list, I never made it. The next time we talked about it, Alison just said, Hannah is going to live with us. And for the most part I think the summer went just fine. So to think of Alison leaving the states and not really getting to know who Hannah would marry while she was gone to live in Lima was a thought I wanted to talk to God about. Ask of my Heavenly Father about my desire.....

Hannah and Jason Grassie started dating in July of 2008 at about the same time Alison and Justin moved to TN. (Daniel and I had a great time getting to know Jason from July - Dec of 2008 since God had moved us to Abilene.) But Alison and Justin didn't have a visit planed back to Abilene so we didn't think of them meeting Jason. Almost immediately after starting to date, Hannah headed off to Zambia for several weeks in July, 2008, and she was going to fly back into TX on July 27th. Daniel jumped at the chance to visit with Jason and so he asked Jason if he would like to drive from Abilene to Houston with him to pick Hannah up from the airport. Jason took him up on it. After picking up Hannah, the 3 of them (Daniel, Jason and Hannah) joined us at Sean and Rachel (Hudgens)Landolt's wedding. Alison (without Cailyn or Justin) flew into CS from TN for the wedding. We all spent the night at Ray and Phyllis Powell's house. We had about an hour to visit after the wedding and before we all hit the bed. Alison flew out the next morning around 6:30am. That was the last night Jason saw Alison until May 2009 when Alison, Justin and Cailyn came home for furlough in Abilene. We spent some brief time that weekend and Hannah and Jason had to get back to OK. (Yes, in the meantime Hannah had moved to Tulsa for graduate school and Jason moved from Abilene to Norman, OK to work and live with his sister)

The meeting was brief but the prayer was answered still.....(1) Alison did get to meet the love of Hannah's life BEFORE she moved overseas, and (2)Yes, Hannah and Jason are engaged!!! Thank you, Lord for answered prayer!!

Oh, the title, A Kite. Hannah enjoyed a great kite flying experience with an engagement ring attached at the National Mall in DC. What were they doing in DC??? That's a whole other prayer answered for another day!!

Charlie W. Sneed says, "Marriage is not so much finding the right person as it is being the right person!"

God has lots of adventures planned for these two!!

Easter Morning in Tulsa (it was cold and drizzling)

Right before Jason moved to DC in Aug. (acting silly, of course what else do we expect out of them!!)


The Driskells said...

Congrats to Hannah! And what a huge blessing for your family!

God is good!

Perks said...

Wonderful news! I love the way God unfolds His plan!

Irma and Koby said...

Congratulations to the whole family! I know you and Daniel are SO proud of your daughters!

Ayvrie said...

Thank you for sharing your answered prayers. Please tell Hannah congrats for me.

Janet's Journey said...

I am so happy for your family! Congratulations.

The Robinsons said...

Congratulations! God is so good, and I'm so happy for Hanna!