Friday, March 26, 2010


The third chapter in Sacred Parenting is about guilt. Something that just comes along with our fallen humanity!!

William Sullivan ~
"There is in repentance this great mystery--that we may fly fastest home on broken wing."

Psalm 38:4 My guilt overwhelmed me like a burden too heavy to bear.

Gary L.Thomas, the author points out how Samuel was a faithful servant and yet had sons who did not walk with God, and then he also points out Kings Ahaz and Asa who fell from God's favor and yet had sons, Jehoshaphat and Hezekiah, who were faithful servants. He reminds us we are "not raising robots; we are shepherding image bearers of the Creator God who live with freedom of choice, their own wills, and a personal responsibility of their own."

There are some good things about guilt if we will allow God to work in our lives.
1. Guilt can point us to God
2. Guilt can motivate us to do better
3. Guilt can remind us of God's providence
4. Guilt can teach us to love mercy (my favorite)
5. Guilt has a positive "hidden agenda"

The picture of God that Gary Thomas gives at the end of the chapter was precious and reminded me that my picture of how God parents me affects how I look at my own parenting. That picture of who God is becomes so important as we live out our lives in the Way!!

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