Monday, October 11, 2010

We are having TOO MUCH FUN!!

Probably my favorite activity with the girls when they were little was going to the library and getting specific books to talk about whatever subject we were into at the time!! I have found a great site that gives ideas for art work and books reviews about certain subjects. Cailyn and I did the Upper Case "C" last week. We enjoyed the cutest book entitled Bob and Otto - about a caterpillar and a worm!! We have carried that book in the car all week. Baking cupcakes was also part of our time of talking about "C".

Cailyn doesn't like carrots and so we made up a song about "i don't like carrots..." (much laughter!!) We are going to talk about leaves this week. Can't wait to do some leaf rubbings and read some books about leaves!! Cupcakes on the front porch were enjoyed by ALL!!

Another activity we have enjoyed is a couple of trips to the children's museum. This is the museum Hannah and Jason got married in and so every time we go we have sweet memories. There is a tot spot activity on the first Friday of the month and it is a time for 3-5 year olds to visit the museum and to participate in an art project. It was all about doing art with metals last week. Cailyn was proud of her artwork!!
Fun on the pretend ambulance,and Corban is running the lights for a Broadway Show while Cailyn is saying, "Honey, you go, I'm getting dressed up!!

The ACU Homecoming Carnival was fun this year in a whole new way for Daniel and I since we were able to share it with Corban and Cailyn. As you can see the FULL FACE PAINTING was the first thing Cailyn wanted to do. Of course immediately her nose itched but she did a great job of leaving it on until bath time later. There were lots of joy jumps, joy slides, a great petting zoo!


The Frenches said...

I've so enjoyed hearing about all the fun and activities you all have been able to share! In my opinion, there is no such thing as TOO much fun... especially when it comes to family time! Love the ideas. May you share the website you are visiting? I'd like to look into for our boys on the way! Hugs!

Nicole said...

Cathie!! It looks like you guys are having SO much fun!! You have inspired me to do such fun things with my little one!

We love you!

Hannah Grassie said...

great pictures!