Sunday, April 24, 2011

Don't Let It End!!

As the close of the day comes, I find myself not wanting it to come to the end. Easter, the actual day went way too fast for me. Even the season of Lent went too fast for me. I end the day with going through the verses of the crucifixion and the details of the empty tomb. Both are familiar, but I look for things I haven't noticed before. I love to see God's Word new.

Actually, the entire semester has slipped away from me and that is how day seems also. My thoughts of anticipation of Easter have been different for me the last two years. I am learning more about denying myself of what comes so naturally and I continue with that journey even as today comes to an end. The word VICTORY has come to me several times today and it is JOYOUS to think about my own experience of being raised up with Christ. My continued seeking on the things from above will govern my days and I look forward to the day I will be revealed with HIM in glory.

I saw this celebration today on Facebook and it is how I feel in my heart. I want to enjoy this in all seasons, but I have been able to let the season of Easter prompt new JOY! Let all of us encourage one another as the days walk by. Rejoice in the Lord, again I say REJOICE!!

Take your shoes off and CELEBRATE!!

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