Monday, July 4, 2011

No Pictures!!

Blogging brings JOY but I have had trouble with my cursor freezing up when I try to download new pictures. Do I really need pictures to describe all of the thoughts that whirl around in my head? Too many to write, but I will go a few directions.

My walking/running. I started back today and I always enjoy it! It is when I'm sitting in my house with so many other things beckoning me that I decide to put it off. But this morning, I decided to listen to the Beatles as I started out. All of the songs were about love and so my mind went to marriage. From this end, it is wonderful, but I know there were and really still are some tough places. I am so grateful that God has taught us as His people to push on, to forgive, to give grace, to not feel I need to have the last word, to know that He will be glorified through our marriages as He heals us from our selfishness. Praise Be to God!!

My reading. I have too many books going on at one time, but I love to have new ideas and to ponder what others think. I do not think of myself as creative, but as I put new thoughts into my mind, God takes me where He wants me to go. I sit and try to be silent. The idea of desire and pursuing have caught my attention in the last two days. Even when I went to bed last night, I chose a devotional on the names of God to read. Not knowing where it would take me, the subject of praising God for how long He has pursued me came up. I love that picture. Know today, you have been pursued since before you were born. You are worthy of love and your identity is completely wrapped up in Christ.

My eating. I'm not sure I really have found out what is at the crux of the feelings I have in my stomach, but I am feeling better. I'm learning how to make my own hummus, enjoying spinach as always, making lots of smoothies, finding new treasures in the grocery store. I go soon to visit with a nutritionist. Drawing in new information will be fun and will take me to a new place.

My love for DAniEl. 2011 has brought lots of new feelings as we have dealt with so many health issues. We had never in our 31 years of marriage dealt with surgery in either of our lives. God gives us seasons to bring us to new places. I welcome this even though it is hard. I have enjoyed LOTS of years of plenty with Daniel and his protection and gentleness with me. It is now a time that I get to serve Daniel in this time of healing. Love grows with new experiences, if we let it. God is love and we are being called daily to become more in the image of our Father.

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mad4books said...

Your posts always inspire me! Giving attention to the health of your body, your brain, your soul, and your marriage...thank you for being such a good example to your HOPE flock.

P.S. I felt kind of disappointed that you didn't share your thoughts about A Thousand Gifts. I knew you were reading it, too...sometimes after reading a particular line of Voskamp's book, I wonder what YOU thought of that line or passage! LOL