Monday, January 2, 2012

Merry Christmas

Yes, that is an armadillo from Texas at Perini Ranch!

We were so blessed in November and December of 2011 to have such wonderful time with both of the girls and their husbands and grandchildren. Our hearts are over flowing with gratefulness to God!!

I like to list all of the things I would like to experience with the family during a visit. Our time has a beginning and end and I know myself too well to not list what I would like to see happen. Of course not all of the experiences I list happen, but we did get to almost all of it.

My list: play games, have conversation about God and His Word and read some in the Bible, a visit to Monks (a favorite place of Hannah and Jason in Abilene), out to eat to celebrate the completion of all classes for Jason's Masters degree in International Affairs at GWU, cook together, take pictures, of course - exchange gifts, a little shopping (I'm still learning what Jason's style is), have a time at Hope worshiping God together in song (I love to sit next to Alison and Hannah and hear them sing).

A really fun night at the Massingill home was one of the unplanned events that was a favorite. We gathered around and sang while many played their favorite instrument!!

We also were able to visit with some of Hannah and Jason's friends who have married and stayed in Abilene!!
Abby and Evan Young, Hannah and Jason, Justina and Marshall Thompson

Playing Phase 10 at Monks!

Treat from Hannah - We got our nails done together!

Our crew we had for Christmas Lunch - complete with a surprise entertainment from Robert Butts!

We have a tradition of putting books under the tree each year. We have packed up the books and all is back in the attic. Jason is back at work and the rest of us will return tomorrow. Good bye to our Christmas of 2011!!

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