Monday, September 29, 2008

Home Building Sojourn

Well, we have started the building of our first new home! What a blessing, a gift beyond our imagination. 2209 Plymouth Rock, in Heritage Parks, Abilene, TX. On Saturday, Sep 27, Cathie and I walked around the perimeter of the lot praying over the whole process Just after lunch today, Monday, Sep 29, the layout was laid out and by this evening the painted outline was on the ground and some of the forms already in place. Foy & Mitzi Mills went out to the lot with us today and prayed over the building process and for us making our home a place where God is glorified. The crew tells us that w/in 2 weeks our concrete will be poured. WooHoo!


Perks said...

Praise God!!!
so happy for you. i know you are doing great work there. to God be the glory!!!
blessings in Christ,
michael p
Psalm 34:3

ewall said...

A new job, a new house and a blog all in the same year. Wow! God's blessings on you along this new path. Charlene

The Frenches said...

I am so excited for you all! With each change that happens, may you find peace in knowing God is leading you as well as using you for His glory! I pray the buidling process brings you much joy! ~Shanna~

Justin said...

i am proud for y'all! great pic of the talent show! love you both.