Thursday, September 25, 2008

You said go, Lord? Leaving Aggieland for Abilene

Summer 2008 was a monumental time period for our family.  Our sojourn included the following:
  • Hannah graduating from ACU and moving home to College Station
  • Justin, Alison, and Cailyn moving from Abilene to Shelbyville, TN (and much of their belongings moving to College Station)
  • Daniel resigning from his TAMU Career Center position to take an ACU Career Center position
  • Daniel and Cathie putting their College Station home up for sale and finding housing in Abilene
  • Daniel and Cathie moving their household to Abilene and returning all of Hannah's belongings and some of Justin/Alison's belongings back to Abilene
  • Having our dear sister, Haley Edmiston move in with us during her Thai Team training
  • Moving Hannah to Tulsa to begin grad school at University of Tulsa
  • Sending Justin/Alison/Cailyn off to Costa Rica for language school
  • Cathie traveling back and forth during the first month of our move to close out her CSISD ticket manager job and to coordinate 3 weddings

Okay, that is just the key points!  In all of this the Lord has shown his faithfulness in ways beyond our imagination.  We were quite content with our Aggieland life, but had been tracking this opportunity at ACU for more than 10 years.  Kinda like working for 14 years for Jacob to finally get Rachel.  Cathie and I feel extremely blessed by the send off from our Aggieland family and the reception by our Abilene/ACU family.  There has been much opportunity for stress, laughter, panic, and surprises, but Cathie and I are often reminded that the Great I Am is the Great I Am.

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alisonthompson said...

GEEZ, I was a part of much of that, and it just stresses me out reading about it! haha. We love you. I am glad you got a fun!