Sunday, December 14, 2008

What do you want me to do for you?

That is the question Jesus asked Bartimaeus in Luke 18:35-43. I have such memories of reading this story to the girls out of the Read A-loud Bible Story book. Moms and Grandmoms, check out this resource. There are a couple of volumes, and I'm sure there have been additions since my girls were little.

As I worked back through a chapter in the book, Sacred Rhythms, I read this story again. Shanna French, a young wife who is earnestly seeking the Lord, has asked for us to share about this book, chapter by chapter, over email. Isn't technology great!!! She is in Houston and I'm in Abilene and yet we can walk with each other as we journey.

When I ask myself this question, it takes time of silence to really come up with an answer. Do I know myself well enough to answer? I must be still and let the sediment settle. How blessed I am that in the Christmas season God allows me to have time to sit and be quiet. I love that things are as they are in my life at this point. Our move has awakened "what do I really want and what does God really want" in our lives. I mean, we know that our lives are about a ministry of reconciliation, II Corinthians 5:18-20 -- yielding ourselves and begging others on behalf of Christ to reconcile to God, but how that plays out each day is a mystery. I really love to walk into each day and see what He brings me. Soon, I need to share with you the ones He has introduced us to here in Abilene.

Bartimaeus asked for his sight, a physical need. I love it that it was physical because sometimes we think that physical needs don't really matter, it is only the spiritual needs we need to ask about. I don't believe that. Daniel laughs at me because I find myself asking for things like parking spaces, productivity of the day or that someone will answer their phone. I do get to the deeper things, but i don't see a limit to what I ask my Father about. All that said, when all is thought about ....

My answer is: I want myself and my family now and for generations to come to be deeply in love with God, to be intent on searching Him out, to be passionately in love with their Heavenly Father, to have deep relationship with their creator. To Trust.

Listen to Jesus asking you, What do you want me to do for you?

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Kathy said...

I don't know what my answer would be for this moment I am in awe that my Father God loves me to this extent and my answer can wait. It is enough to sit in His arms and know He cares and has asked me.