Sunday, December 28, 2008

Costa Rica, Dec 2008

Orozco-Thompson-Wenzel families and Orozco-Thompson-Clancy families

Very early on Christmas eve, Cathie, Hannah, and I began our journey together that brought us to San Jose, Costa Rica, to visit Justin, Alison, and Cailyn for a week. After a smooth flight (yeah for Cathie!), we arrived and survived an exciting van ride for the 40 minutes to their home. Justin's family (Teri, Andy, Preston, and Allie) were here already, so we were all able to spend 2 days together. On Christmas day we followed the Costa Rican tradition of having a late dinner. Joining us were Mark Clancy and his parents, Danny and Susan, and another young couple our Lima Team has befriended, Jason, Lindsey, and Shelby Cleaver (also going to Lima, Peru). What a feast!

On Christmas eve we spent time opening gifts and of course the main attraction was Cailyn's activity. Lot's of pictures and laughs for all of us.

Our daily routine has been to hang out around the house, play with Cailyn, play games, nap, and take day trips by bus, taxi, and walking. Cailyn likes to yell for a taxi whenever we get to the main road, whether we need one or not. Cathie and I decided that our night time routine would include bath time with Honey (Cathie) and then singing time with DaddyO and Honey before going to bed. It has been the real treasure of the trip to have Cailyn get on the bed, lay down and wait for us to lay down with her. Tonight, she and Cathie were on the bed and I was putting something in the living room. Cailyn yelled out, "Da'O, Da'O" because I wasn't in the bed fast enough for her. With the lights out, Cathie and I sing random praise songs while Cailyn lays there and falls asleep. As I said earlier, this is the real treasure for us.
. We covet your prayers.

May the Lord's blessings be evident to you

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mad4books said...

WOW! What terrific photos! It looks like a good time was had by all, and the Lord's blessings most certainly ARE evident in this family...