Monday, November 9, 2009

Kake and Karaoke

You can always know the house will be packed for these Saturday nights when the Hope Church of Christ mixes dessert with performing. We have experienced Talent and Pie and this past weekend we had three hours of Kake and Karaoke. Wow, we laughed so hard!! One of the comments was "there is no shame!!" I will leave a few pictures to tell some of the story, but i will tell you these pictures don't even begin to explain the laughter we enjoyed!! I have no idea how many cakes there were, but I was number 39 when I entered "Grandma Hawkins' Apple Cake" in the mix.

In the first picture, the three girls are Rebecca, Maddie and Allie, singing You Are So Beautiful to Me. Daniel sang Mona Lisa, Wow, did I say he is my wonderful husband and that he has the most romantic voice!!

The mother-daughter duo is waiting for Play That Funky Music White Boy to come on. It was so much fun to have all of the generations laugh and play together. Of course some of us just performed at our seats. Mitzi and Debbie sat behind me and laughed the entire time!!! Debbie thinks we need to do this once a month and is convinced we might have to tear down the walls to get all of us in the place!!

One of our young married wives is quite embarrassed as her new husband performs with shoes off to Billie Jean. There were many times as he sang that she just covered her eyes. Debbie is sure this performance had to have been practiced at home!! We will never know!!

The person who STOLE the show on many occasions was Damon Parker, our preacher. He even had a hard time getting back up on the stage to preach on Sunday evening. He had memories of the night before with a completely different context!! He sang rock and roll, he sang Love Shack with the girls, he sang rap with the guys (boy he knew the words and has the moves!!) and last and most importantly he sang to his life partner, wife, and mother of their five children Lady in Red!!


The Frenches said...

It sounds like such a wonderful evening! So glad you all get to fellowship and laugh like this! Thank you for sharing.

Rachel's 'Riting's said...

I am soooooooooooooo envious. It sounds like you guys had such a hoot. Tell me what happened to those who did not bring Kake or would not Karoke? Did Joanna sing? If so, what did she sing? Ohhh. I miss you all. All of you!