Saturday, February 27, 2010


I think it gets in your blood!!! Well, there is just an excitement to hear about the next mission team that the A&M church of Christ is supporting during their training year. Joy for Daniel and I that we are in Abilene now that the mission teams train with the Halbert Institute located at ACU.

The Concepcion Team (Deanna Meredith, Wesley and Ellen Shutt, Sara and Chad Lukkason) came over last night minus one of the couples (Reid and Meredith Overall). We talked from 6:30pm-10:00pm at least. We love hearing their thoughts and know from having Alison and Justin's experiences that they will learn so much about themselves and about God through this journey.

They will train until January 2011 and Lord willing will fly to their new homes in Chile. They are each looking for support so as you pray remember them. This is a faith-building experience as you contact congregations and talk with people about supporting your financial needs. If any of you out there have a missions committee looking for missionaries to support, contact this group.

We are doing well. I enjoyed a few days in Tulsa with Hannah. She will really miss Tulsa when she moves. She has made a home for herself there in the two years she has attended University of Tulsa. On Monday, Mar 1, she begins her last seven weeks of interning in a rehab center. She is thinking this is the direction she will begin to look for a job in DC. She has been with a school district since January. Can't wait -- I know she will be a beautiful bride, God has blessed her in so many ways!!

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