Friday, February 5, 2010

Pondering With the Lord

The weather was just too wonderful to not get out today, well, this afternoon. I got into my walking clothes and headed out to restart my way back to running. I began speaking out loud to God immediately, almost like it was going to burst out. I confessed a mistake that I should have figured out at least nine years ago. Peace came immediately and I know that I am forgiven. I'm such a slow learner, but I am determined that I have learned it this time!! My walk was short as my plan has it that way. 15 min. brisk walk is my next step!!

As I came in, Daniel had the radio on and Focus on the Family was interviewing Robert and Bobbie Wolgemuth and their two adult daughters. (scroll down on the page to listen) The interview was about the parenting of their two daughters and about Robert's book, She calls me Daddy. I decided I wanted to just sit and listen to the 20 min. interview. I found myself tearing up - so many memories as I listened. Daniel and I had so many of the same feelings that were projected in this interview. What a joy to be parents, determined not to hand off the job of parenting to anyone else, a mix of love and discipline, listening to music and singing in the car...we definitely enjoyed the ride. It was also very hard and there were many prayers and mistakes we made. I'm overwhelmed by the love God gives in my heart for my girls. I know there are many parents out there that have experienced the same. How can we understand the deep love of the Father? We understand just a bit by being parents!!

One of the activities the woman of Hope (our church community) does is tell the feeling of our hearts at our weekly gatherings. My friend, Chelsa, uses the word SASHET, and each letter stands for a feeling(sad, angry, sacred, happy, excited, and tender). That is a beginning point, but we can use any word to describe where our heart is at that point. It has been very helpful for us to gain insight as to where we each are. Earlier in the week I told her my heart was feeling very dependent on God and today, as we gathered for our Friday lunch at the building, I felt relaxed in the Lord (even though my circumstances aren't all at peace). That is what I told God as I walked today, even though I made a mistake, I will confess and move on. My heart is still going to be relaxed!! Try this with some of your friends, it has been quite helpful and fun!!

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Anonymous said...

I really wanted to be there for lunch yesterday, but I'd forgotten about it and made some other plans. But now it's on my calendar, so I should be there next week! I'm definitely looking forward to getting to know some of you ladies better. :) Hope you have a lovely weekend!