Monday, May 24, 2010

Recap in Pictures

Hannah and I picked up Alison, Cailyn and Corban on Fri., April 30th. We had a rough drive because Corban wasn't really enjoying his seat. He was very happy to be in Abilene. Cailyn slept on a mat of blankets on the floor of on my side of the bed. We were able to sing and read and pray each night. What a JOY!! Corban slept in the room with Alison ~ he had a harder time getting use to a place other than his own bedroom. I pray his weeks back home can be settled back into a routine for his sake and Alison and Justin. We tried to keep the kids bed schedule for the most part. During the day we had "adventures"!!

The Grace Museum


Janet Jergins said...

I know yall haqd such a wonderful time!

Kelli said...

Settlers is one of my favorites!