Sunday, May 30, 2010

New Things in Our Lives

Tried a new sugar cookie recipe and I would like to recommend it!! I didn't put the sprinkles on them, but I really enjoyed them.

New game in our closet!! Settlers of Catan. Rachel and Sean Landolt drove through and spent the night and taught us how to play. We are hooked now and so when you come, you will have to play!!

New Blackberry phones in our hands ~ ~ mine is the RED one. Our phones were exactly alike before May 1 (for the past 2 years) and they were very easy to get mixed up. Matter of fact twice we have been at the Pope's house and mixed our phones with hers. I kept calling Daniel and would get Beth Pope on the phone and kept wondering what the deal was!! Life is wild anytime you are with Beth Pope!! Since my new phone came in the middle of the wedding details I really am daily learning new things about it. I have enjoyed it!!

The best newness that we have in our life is a person - Jason Lee Grassie!! Our new son-in-love!! What should I tell you about him? Well, for starters he had enough wisdom to go slow in the beginning of his time with Hannah, to come and sit in our living room and ask Daniel --"Is there anything I need to know as I begin to date Hannah?" That is just the beginning of his humbleness!! Jason is a person who is good at making decisions and he is also totally confident enough to ask for advice before making his final decision. Jason is a very hard worker and if something doesn't work one way, he will try another way!! Remembering names is another gift that he has. Very personable when he meets you and is a great listener. He is a seeker of God's Word and has insightful questions. Well, I think you get the idea, We are totally in love with him and impressed with how God has fashioned his life. He is a grad student at GWU and works full-time with Frank Lucas, an Oklahoma representative. DC is the first home for Hannah and Jason and they are off to a fabulous start!!


The Driskells said...

Hannah looks so beautiful and happy! What a blessing Jason is to her and to your family. Please post more pictures either here or on facebook!

: ) Kara

Janet Jergins said...

Beautiful picture of the happy couple. I want to hear more abou the wedding when you have time.