Thursday, June 17, 2010

Concepts from God's Way of Life

Recently I have started back on my building up to my running plan. I don't listen to any music while I run, but I have recently asked God to bring to my mind some of His concepts for life as I run. It has been fun and fascinating.

This morning ~ I will try to lay out the trail of my mind.

  • As I ran down one street a woman crossed in front of me and had a big dog on a leash. I decided to turn left there - it occurred to me, we each take different paths.
  • As I continued to run it began to get harder. I thought, life is hard, you have to work at it.
  • There were many flowers and a few cars that were red. Of course the blood of Christ came to mind and the more I ran, the more I saw of red. It was everywhere.
  • There were birds singing and I thought, there are times that we sing and then times we just need and want to be quiet.
  • There was a moving truck and I thought about the seasons in life, moving not only physically from place to place, but emotionally from A to Z.
  • I saw a bird fly to the top of the tree, and I thought I know there are times that we are at the top of something in life, but in general God wants us to give our seat up.
  • Our neighborhood is known for rattlesnakes and so I'm always on the look out for snakes especially in the empty fields that are at the end of the street. That, of course makes me think of Satan, such a sneaky one, lying in wait for an attack on God's people.
  • As I run on my street to get home, for some reason I always think of cows....I know that sounds funny. I'm not thinking of myself as a cow, but I do think of how cows come home to eat at the end of the day. I'm glad to get home when I arrive!!
  • When I get home I am ready for some water. I pray that I never get tired of Living Water from God. He is my refreshment!!

    Running really isn't something I love, but I enjoy it more now than I have in the past.

    Alison said...

    thanks for the great reminder to look for God in ALL we do. i liked reading your thoughts! keep up the running!

    Hi, I'm Deanna. said...

    I love that you shared all this. I love the quite time with my thoughts, with God and with nature I get while I am running. We should run together sometime!