Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Simple Things

There are a few new things in our daily lives that have been fun to discover. We would like to tell you about them.

First, food....a new snack...

Pepperidge Farm, Goldfish, Baked graham snack, made with whole grain, cinnamon flavor. There are 300 goldfish in the package and 50 is a serving. 5g of total fat, 7g of sugar. Slip them in a baggie and hit the road!!

Lipton Diet Green Tea, buy them in a 12pack, contains no juice, sugar free. We both enjoy these.

Food for the spirit -- Blessing Your Spirit by Sylvia Gunter and Arthur Burk


Daniel and I find our spirits need to be refreshed. We are partners and it is God's will that we refresh one another. We have begun practicing what this book offers. Each day there is a blessing (actually there are several to pick from)and you choose which one you want to bless one another with. We do it usually as we go to bed. I will give you an example below. Look at the Bible and see how the "spirit of man" is described.

in anguish - Job 7:11, willing - Mark 14:38, different - Numbers 14:24, stubborn - Deuteronomy 2:30, sorrowful - I Samuel 1:15, passed to someone else - II Kings 2:9, moved - John 11:33, watched over - Job 10:12, patient - Ecclesiates 7:8....there are so many examples. Very interesting study.

We always sit close and put our hand on one another and bless one another. Wow, it is powerful to be blessed....

Day 4 God Fights for You
____________, I bless you with being led by the Spirit to respond to problems with faith, not as a slave out of a victim mindset of avoidance, blame-shifting, or rationalization. I bless you with perseverance, not a spirit of fainting and giving up. I bless you with embracing problems, viewing them as challenges, and as opportunities for faith, as new ways to see the many facets of God and how He will work in them and through them to work things out in His plan.

Day 6 God's Presence
"Ps. 16:7 says "even at night, my heart instructs me" I bless you______________, with fullness of joy in the night watches as the Spirit of God ministers to your spirit. The nighttime is the first-fruits of God's creation; therefor it is holy. I reject and break off of you every claim of the enemy to the night hours. I proclaim that it is God's holy time when He delights to visit you and to minister to you. I bless you with experiencing His presence in the night watches as your subconscious mind and your spirit are open to the Spirit of God, so He can minister to your spirit while your conscious mind is not cluttering up the works.

Blessings on you!


Alison said...

great post! ok, we have to bring some of those graham cracker fish back next time we're there...or you bring some in feb! i am also trying to become a tea drinker. i haven't started with cold tea, but hot tea is getting easier. :) silly, i know. thanks also for the blessing stuff. yes, powerful. love.

The Robinsons said...

Thanks for sharing! The book looks fabulous, and I will for sure be looking for those goldfish crackers at the grocery store next week!

mad4books said...

Wow. That Day 6 blessing really impressed me. The middle of the night is when we really face our mortality, lick our wounds, count our blessings, and open ourselves up to our Creator!

May I please borrow it when you're done with it? (Would it work for our next ladies' Book Study? Maybe all the HOPE gals should read through 30 days of blessings?)

P.S. Recently, as I was reading _The Hiding Place_, just floored by Betsie ten Boom's generosity of Spirit and thinking of how God used these two little old spinsters...well, it reminded me that we have no idea what may be asked of us at any time.

Gotta be ready!! Gotta stay in the Word!!

P.P.S. Oh, and speaking of the Word...the thought of Betsie tearing up her Bible to share with others, treasuring those precious pages, and how Corrie's Bible wasn't found by the guard searching under her mattress, made me think with shame of how mine hasn't been opened in days.

Free to read it, whenever I wish, with no fear...and I didn't. You can believe I will today! (Thanks, Corrie, for reminding me what is important. Your good work continues long after your efforts on Earth ended.)