Friday, August 13, 2010

We Said Good-Bye

Deanna Meredith came to Hope church of Christ one Wednesday night and we met. She has a smile that is very contagious!! It's been a couple of years now and God has moved her on this morning to the next season in life. She was called by God when she was 18 to go to a foreign country to teach about God's Son, Jesus!! What an exciting purpose she feels. She has been a wonderful addition at Hope and she will now move on to the Church of Christ in Falls Church , her supporting church. She will be added to this page soon, I'm sure. Her home congregation will also be supporting her, Grace Crossing, A Community Church of Christ. I know it is a JOY for them to have one of their own to help as she follows the call on her life.

We were able to have Deanna live with us for only one month but it was fun, and comfortable. Such peace is in her young heart and such purity of desire in her walk. She will touch people as she steps into VA., Houston and then on to Chile in Jan. 2011. Begin today to pray for Deanna and her team mates.

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