Thursday, February 24, 2011

Surprises from the Lord

You never know what the day will bring. I started my day with meeting with a Social Work grad student here at ACU, Lisa Marciniak. She and I met last September and she had just arrived on campus from NY. Within about two weeks she asked if we could discuss the Bible. I was excited to have spiritual conversations in the near future. We have continued to meet and pray for one another, visit about our lives and enjoy some Bible study. This morning was no different. We visited, took prayer requests from one another and I shared the story of Jonah with her. We really were fixing to leave one another and she mentioned that she felt God recently take her to the cross and say, "This is enough" or maybe a question "Isn't this enough?" She had been fighting the thought of being baptized. Lisa and I had never talked about this topic. As she spoke I asked her a few questions and we visited about some of her questions and thoughts. She seemed to be hung up on when and where....simple decision in my mind. Finally I told her today would be a good day, or if I were talking to her tomorrow, I would say today would be a good day. I also told her each day satan keeps you from it, he has checked off "another day". Later she said this didn't set well with her that satan checked off another day he had kept her from being baptized. As we finished she said, TODAY at 5:00, at Jacob's Dream on ACU campus I will be baptized. WOW!! We prayed and I met up with her small group from her congregation and some other friends. It was a precious time, she gave her testimony ~ her journey of finding God. She was baptized and we sang. My heart is full of JOY when God's handiwork is so clear!!

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