Saturday, February 12, 2011

A Walk and A Few Phone Calls

As I think about Daniel's recent back surgery and more recently his dad's brain surgery, I realize it is very important to focus on encouraging activities when you are feeling discouraged. It is with JOY that I realize that God supplies all we need in order to think upon the things He sees best for us. As Daniel and I drove back to Bastrop after spending time at the hospital, I needed to adjust my thoughts - I was feeling a bit anxious. I struck out and walked down the streets of Bastrop. It was in the historic district and it kept my mind full of pretty houses and yards. The air was cold, but there was no snow or ice. Before I knew it 30 minutes had passed and my thoughts were on positive things. True, honorable, right, pure, lovely and good repute, excellent and worthy of praise. Why does He wants us to dwell on these things? He wants us to remember the things on earth that are positive that keep us walking in ways He can use us!!

The first steps I took were to get connected with God and His nature. After I got back home, I got praise music going and then realized the front porch was calling my name. I went out to sit and then it occurred to me that I would enjoy talking with some one. I gave two friends a call. One from Abilene and one from College Station. It was an encouraging time as we spoke about a prayer time, updated each other on health in each other's lives, new marriages and babies being born, and about books we were reading. Friendship, community~God wills for us to commune with others and again I felt encouraged.

At the end of my time, it was great to see how God wills for us to think on good things. I love being impacted by God, My Father and His Son and Spirit. So refreshing!! So much better than anything I am capable of in myself!!

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Nicole said...

Your posts are so encouraging! Your thoughts refresh me! Hope you have a fantastic day:)