Tuesday, November 1, 2011


My first memory of a library is the one that I volunteered in when I was a girl scout. My mom would drop me off and I would work for an hour or two. I went to locate it on the google map but I can't seem to find it. My next memories of libraries were more about socializing than actually reading. Reading a book wasn't something I enjoyed for many years. So naturally why would I go to the library except to visit with friends. I certainly did not like to read during this season of life!!

As my senior year of college came to an end I realized my mom was right. It would be helpful to get certified to teach school -- just in case I didn't find a job with my criminology degree. Doesn't make sense now, but it did then. Enter the time in which I realized what I had missed growing up. The children's literature classes in college exposed me to the best of all of the children's books. I loved it!!

So as I marched on I couldn't get enough of great books. I enjoyed watching Reading Rainbow with the girls. I would write down all the books they suggested and try to check them out at the Bryan Library. I plan on having some Reading Rainbow time on youtube with Cailyn and Corban real soon!! During this time, 1987, College Station opened a small library and it was so nice to have it close to the house. As our girls grew up they also didn't like the library. I had so many books on the shelves out in the garage that they wanted to just go get one out of the garage. They did enjoy the summer activities at the library and even enjoyed the A&M church of Christ library!!

The girls will remember the Bryan Public Library but if they go back to find it; they will find it has a new name!!

I'm glad to say both of the girls enjoy reading and have found the wonders of all of the free items that are in the public library!! Alison has even found a small one in Peru for the kids. When Cailyn and Corban were here last year, we went every Tuesday morning for reading circle time. What fun!!

So it makes sense when I went in today to get a library book -- lots of memories flooded my mind. I put a smile on my face. I love to read!!

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