Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Where Has the Time Gone?

I really can't believe it was in February when I last wrote. Well, we are doing great and enjoying each day!! God continues to work in our lives and it is a wonderful journey to wake up to each day!!

I'm always surprised how fast jobs come my direction!! Don't know if you remember but I started working for CenterPeace after being in Abilene for about one year (July,2009). By Christmas 2010, God opened a door for me to work at Abilene Educational Supply. As the AES closed there was this window of time for me to make a quick trip to DC, Aug. 2011. Then as I was having dinner out one Friday night I ran into a friend we had met in College Station - enter my third job which was with Team Financial Strategies. This is a financial planning company in Abilene. I sure learned a lot there!! This was a temporary job and before I could end my time there God handed me a job at Mardel's Bookstore. This is where I am now. I started in the second week of March. I am part of the education department and specifically homeschooling. Need I say, how excited I am to be learning and helping others gain new resources in education. One of the JOYS of life. I have enjoyed reading reviews online of some of the homeschooling resources so I can speak to customers about details.

Another activity we have been busy with is visiting Daniel's parents. We try to go as often as possible. We keep the road between Abilene and Bastrop hot!! It takes us about 4.5 hours to drive. Daniel takes Friday off from work and we drive down on Thursday nights. Our weekend is Friday and Saturday and we drive back home on Sunday morning so we can get to Hope church on Sunday nights. Hope only meets at 5:00pm on Sundays so it works out great. Daniel is one of the two elders there and so we feel the need to stay in touch with all of the families. It is certainly a JOY for us. Daniel's parents continue to learn each day how to live in two separate locations. This past weekend when we arrived Daniel's dad was all smiles when he realized he and his wife both had shirts on that matched. He was so happy to see her. He always wants her to sit close to his wheelchair.

Reading is always a part of my life. This year I am enjoying a read through the Chronological Bible, The Daily Bible. It has been good and has reminded me of the days of teaching Bible Quiz at the A&M church of Christ in College Station. Those were some fun days with lots of teenagers!!

I'm also enjoying a short study about the parable of the sower and I share my thoughts with a friend over the phone from CS. We have laughed about how a tiny study could have so much to share. I am the type of person who has lots of books going at one time. I read a bit and focus on one and then the next time I sit down I pick up another. It makes for slow finishes but lots of variety.

We are planning a trip to DC soon. Our whole immediate family will be together for the first time since Christmas 2010. We are very excited. The question is what will we explore while there. Of course, the family members are always the main attraction but I'm sure we will take in some sights!!

Our community at Hope has really enjoyed the working of the Holy Spirit this semester as our preacher has encouraged us to watch out for the gospel being lived out in front of us. We share on Wednesday nights the things our eyes have seen and experienced in the past seven days. There is an excitement when you are watching for the hand of God. I will leave you with a story Alison told me last night. This is surely the work of the Spirit in Lima, Peru. This past weekend their community of people who are walking together and learning about Jesus were worshiping and fellowshipping in the park. There was a lady who walked up and asked some questions about the activities. She began to say she was interested and wondered if someone could teach her. Now, I"m telling you that kind of desire and openness is from the Spirit!! She actually lives close to Alison and Justin and so they have made contact with her. Kami Clancy and Alison plan to meet with her next week!! What an adventure we are all on.

Tell me what are you up to and do you see the gospel being lived out in front of you???

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