Monday, May 21, 2012

DC is even more special now

Washington DC has always been a neat place to visit with all of its' history. But when your entire immediate family arrives there, it is even more special!! Alison and Justin decided to use vacation time to come to DC to visit Hannah and Jason and asked if we would come up too. No argument on our end!! It has been since Dec 2010 that all of us had been together so I started planning activities that would be fun to do when we were together. The Thompsons arrived first and were able to do some Smithsonian touring with Hannah and Jason. They are very intentional hosts and are getting better at it all the time. We were able to stay with Alison and Justin and the kids in a location they rented which was located within walking distance to Hannah and Jason's condo. There just happen to be a grocery store in between us so that was wonderful. A park to run in was right outside our door and we had fun kicking the ball and the grandkids got some energy out!! We rented a van so we could all fit when we went out in the evenings!! The pictures will tell the story!! Our first stop was National Zoo. If you are wondering what ages and stages we are at....well...
I asked the family to plan a picnic in front of Albert Einstein statue. It was a JOY that Cailyn and Corban finally had a statue without a boundary fence. They could climb on this statue.
This night was all about CELEBRATION - Jason's graduation, Cailyn's birthday (June 6, 5yrs. old) and Hannah's birthday (June 4).
The next thing we knew three tour buses carrying 90-100 middle school students came to check out Einstein. Wild and fun for all!! Do you notice the teachers guarding our family, hahaha.
Next was game time - 1. How many straws can you put in your partners hair in 60 sec. 2. Can you stack five dice on a tongue depressor in 60 sec. 3. (no pictures)Can you put a 16 piece puzzle of the front of a Fruit Loops cereal box together in 60 sec. 4. (no pictures) How long of a chain can you make by hooking baby safety pins together in 60 sec. 5. Can you knock down water bottles with a hose on your head that has a tennis ball in the end of it in 60 sec.

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I am so impressed with your creative activities! Our family gatherings seem very dull in comparison to this. I love the straw updos:)

So glad you got to have this time with all you sweet ones together. Precious memories!