Sunday, June 3, 2012

Seeing God

God uses every day happenings to show Himself. Lord, please open our eyes so that we see you every day.
There have been occasions with Daniel’s dad that help us understand where some of his thoughts are even though he does not use many words that are understandable. For instance, we know
  • he wants sugar in his coffee because he puts sugar packets in his pocket and gets it out as we bring him his coffee
  • he is so very glad to see his wife because of grin and motions to her to come closer
  • he enjoys his food when he leans his head back and makes some hmmm, humm sound
  • he is interested in the other people in the home because he wants to face the people when we sit him at a table to eat
  • he is aware of God and still prays – even though we do not understand the words. After Hannah and Jason visited with him months ago it was very clear when he shook Jason’s hand he began to pray. His prayers are not short - they are long and meaningful to him.
    On Saturday, I asked if I could read out loud my Bible lesson scripture and Daniel’s mom said yes. As I read the story of Lazarus – Daniel’s dad hung his head with his eyes closed as if he was resting. (this was a common position of his before the stroke.) When I got to the part of the healing he let out a yes, yes…even though he continued to hang his head and have his eyes closed. I knew now that he was listening. When I finished he “woke up” and said, “And He ……(couldn’t understand words) but it seemed to me he was saying Jesus healed others . He ended his comments with his left fist raised in VICTORY! I said, “Yes Jesus healed others too” He agreed and then continued with “Not only……” while pointing his finger to the right and then to the left. I interpreted that to mean Jesus didn’t just heal in that town but others. When I said that, Valentin agreed. What JOY to know that he remembers Jesus and the stories.
    We enjoyed seeing new flowers out front and new cushions in the rocking chairs on the front porch. The home is taken care of very well. We enjoyed a time of Bible reading and Daniel clipped his parents nails as we sat enjoying a beautiful day!!
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    Senora Rivers said...

    I love reading the stories you post about my Uncle and Aunt. It's heartwarming to read of their love for God and each other in your posts. Thank you cousin. Susanna