Saturday, August 11, 2012

Heading up, Moving out....just for a few weeks

For weeks now I have begun to lay out items on the bed in the guest room to take to Lima, Peru! I have a craft supply closet and I have a grandchildren closet. I put things in there as the months go by between visits with Cailyn and Corban. So I now get to gather these items and use them when I go visit. I'm very excited!! Some of the items are recipes for slime, glitter pens, hands on math manipulatives, DVDs I have gotten on sale at Mardels, toy men for Samson,Jesus, the boy with fish and bread, and new Bible story books My clothes are always secondary. I put them in my carry on and all of the items are packed in a black duffle bag - that will be the one bag I can check. There is currently an embargo when you go into Peru allowing one checked bag per person. You can't even pay to have a second bag. The embargo will be lifted at the end of August so when Daniel comes to Lima in September he will be able to pay for a second bag (and it isn't just that nice little 25.00 fee it was in November - thankful none the less). He will be bringing the new pack-and-play that Alison and Justin bought and had sent to our house, contacts for Alison, Juice Plus that we can not mail to Lima and many other items. Carter Ethan made his arrival early. I will be there about 9 days before the due date. Corban continues to ask if he can call the baby Spiderman! God has given me a job once again that lets me off for the weeks I want to go to Lima. Thank you, Matt, at Mardel's. It was three years ago almost to date that I went for Coban's birth arrival. I asked that you pray for all of the people who will serve and help me on this day of travel!! Today, Aug. 11th is when I fly from Abilene to Dallas to Miami and on to Lima!! Also pray for Daniel! He will join me at the end of my time and we will fly back to the states together!! His banner over me is love. Song of Solomon 2:4 Peace.

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The Driskells said...

Yay! I am so excited for your trip to Lima and super thrilled about sweet baby Carter! I can't wait to see pics and hear of all your fun adventures down there. You are such a blessing to your kids and grandkids!