Saturday, September 29, 2012

So Many Jobs

There are so many jobs in Lima that we do not have in the states. Of course there are many more people in this town than there are in the towns I have lived in. There are jobs for people in so many areas that we do not have in the states. They offer to wash your car while you are in the grocery store or at Starbucks!
There are jobs for people to hand you a paper as you enter the grocery store parking lot. As you leave you give the paper back to another worker. One day we were told that we exceeded the two hours allotted to us to shop and that we would be charged NEXT time if we did this again. There culture isn’t into confrontation and so the charge was put off to another time. Hahaha! We had stayed that long in the store because there is a coffee shop upstairs and we had visited (Alison, Justin and I) and then shopped while the older kids were in preschool.
There are other jobs for people who ride a bicycle and have a box of snacks attached onto the bike. This man was selling treats on the street outside of Cailyn’s school as the children got out of class.
There are also little islands in the middle of the street where there is a small area that you can stop to get gas. You just pull over and there is a person to put gas in your car. It reminded me of the pit stops in the car races .
They even have jobs in the grocery store for a guard. Wong is the name of the grocery store chain that they have there.
There is a lady who comes to the apt. complex that Alison and Justin live in (gated area with four apt.) once a week. She mops down the concrete on the ground level and the stairs going up to each apt. door -including the entry way of each apt. There are so many things that heighten your awareness of your home culture. There are so many different ways things can be done!!

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