Saturday, November 24, 2012

Fun Times with the Grandkids

Weeks after I have returned to the states, I think about my wonderful time I had in Lima -- really just doing life with our kids and grandkids!!

One day I suggested to Alison that she and I take the kids to the BIG mountain of dirt at the end of their street. I knew they would enjoy climbing, getting dirty and playing with the trucks in the dirt. Remember it is winter now in Lima. We all got our coats and hats on and headed down there. As we were walking Alison suggested that she drive to the end of the street and Carter could be in the car and not out in the winter coolness. So the kids and I walked to the mountain and Alison and Carter met us in the car.
After Daniel arrived we took them again - this time the kids rode their scooters and we also played at the soccer/basketball court. Behind us in the picture is the "grated garage" where Alison and Justin park their car each night. This is the area just outside their apt. You can tell there is like a cul-de-sac area the kids use their chalk on the street and up the hill the street is blocked off creating a slope that the scooters really work great on. Corban, being the risk taker that he is - whizzes down first. Cailyn's scooter goes slower and she is more cautious!! She always makes note they are not racing!! She is getting more comfortable with unpredictable situations.

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