Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Eternal Threads

God opens all kinds of avenues for each of us. Ladies Chapel on Thurs. 11:00am is one of the opportunities I have each week. This is a chapel that is student led and we meet in the bride's room in the Bible bldg. for about 30 minutes. It is a great time for all. We sing and pray together and then we enjoy whatever the Lord brings to us each week as a way of encouragement. Last Thurs. the speaker we had was Linda Egle from Eternal Threads.This ministry is dedicated to improving the lives of women in poverty by giving them work, marketing their handmade goods and returning the profits to their communities. Linda spoke to us about how God opened up this ministry to her and how He has blessed them with a new warehouse location here in Abilene, 101 Walnut St. It is on the corner of Walnut and N. 1st. They need volunteers daily. I was going to see if the ladies at the A&M church of Christ would champion a date of viewing the goods and then i opened up my inbox and saw that the AFC girls were already on top of things. I'm so excited to know that Eternal Threads has made it down to College Station. All you Aggies out there go and support Eternal Threads. It's exciting.

Thursday night, November 13th, 7pm in the A&M church of Christ parlor.

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Justin said...

i bought a purse from the eternal threads ladies once. i love them! glad you got to know about this ministry.