Saturday, November 29, 2008

Women of Faith

Hannah and Alyson (a friend in the speech path. program at U. Tulsa) invited myself and Alyson's mom to attend WOF with them in Oklahoma City earlier in Nov. We met up on Thurs. evening and enjoyed a visit in a hotel about 15 min. from the Ford Center. Friday from 9-3:30 we attended the pre-conference. The whole theme was "I Second That Emotion". Patsy Clairmont was one of the speakers along with Anita Renfroe. You may have seen Anita sing on you tube about what moms say each day, to the tune of William Tell Overture. Anita had the funniest video while she sang. It was about thinking before you eat. It was hilarious. Hannah and I both had wished we had Alison with us. She loves to laugh so much.

The main thought i brought home was the idea that we have an emotion that is usually our default emotion. We pull it out in most situations we are in. It was very introspective. This emotions is what colors our glasses as we look at situations and since emotions can't be trusted, deception may come in. The importance of staying in the Word and seeking out wise counsel was suggested. We laughed and cried quite a bit. There was a portion that we were encouraged to think about and even thank the women we have been taught by, mentored by, encouraged as we journey this time on earth. My mom was of course my first thought but then many women in College Station came to mind. I cried, of course, but they were good tears. I know God puts them in a bottle. Ps. 56:8.

Sandi Patti and Nicole C. Mullins were both there to sing. They are both very different singers but I loved them as they presented their talent from God. If you have the opportunity to attend the Women of Faith Conferences, I suggest taking the time and go with a friend. Thank you, Penny Jackson and Kathy Holt for introducing this conference to me and encouraging me to attend all those years ago. Peace.

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