Saturday, July 4, 2009

Dallas Adventure

I know I'm so behind in posting that I'm on a roll and you will just have to read a couple at a time!!

Daniel and I met Hannah and Jason for some play time in Dallas last weekend. How can it be that an entire week has gone by. We enjoyed a picnic at Fountain Place, a tour of the Holocaust Museum and a really neat rest at Thanksgiving Square. Fountain Place is in downtown Dallas and is a beautiful eating area in the middle of lots of business buildings. Very shady and the water fountains are calm and inviting as you can tell from our pictures.

When we arrived at the Thanksgiving Square, we didn't imagine the sight of the ceiling of the chapel. There was an ascending ramp that took you from ground level to the top of the bldg. that housed the chapel. It was a small room with about 10 chairs in it with a table that had a clear bowl for people to put their Thanksgiving prayers in. We all sat enjoying the air condition and were in awe of the stain glass ceiling. The picture was taken by Daniel as he layed on the floor. Daniel started a few songs that we all sang and enjoyed and then ended our time with a Thanksgiving prayer. This was a very special time of refreshment. Go check it out.

On Sunday morning we attended a worship time at Richland Hills church of Christ and ran into several friends even though the bldg. is so huge. We grabbed lunch with Hannah and Jason and off we went to our separate places. Them back to Ok. and us to meetings (Sunday - Wednesday) in downtown Dallas. Daniel is a board member of the Southern Association for Colleges and Employers and the board gathered to plan a conference in Nashville that we will attend in mid Dec. I enjoyed the restful, reading time in the hotel.


The Driskells said...

Beautiful chapel! What an awesome place to worship! Love all the goofy pictures you guys took. Looks like you had lots of fun!

Tiffany and Gregg said...

This is our new web address. I had to change it because it's not just us and mason any more... Just wanted to let you know so that you didn't think we just dissapeared!