Monday, July 27, 2009

Baby T

Well, in the last month i have had 2 friends from College Station call and talk and not realize that Alison was pregnant. I think it has been so a part of our lives the last 8 months that i forget who i have told and who I haven't. She, Justin and Cailyn have 3 more weeks before they get to meet Baby T. Justin will hopefully get to be the one to tell us all what the sex is when the baby is born. He got to do that with Cailyn and it was so exciting.

One of the things that i have prayed for as i pack for my trip are "flat things" for cailyn. Oh, yes, I leave on Aug. 7th from Houston and will get to stay for 5 weeks. There is so much a grandma wants to purchase but not all of that will fit into my suitcase but "flat things" will. So below are some of the "flat things" God has provided. It has been fun to shop for what is best to take.

Christopher Churchmouse was a character we read about with the girls when they were little. The church library had the whole set with cassette tapes to go with each one. Recently Cailyn has been talking about how tall her Baby Lima (her favorite baby doll) is and so i thought it would be fun to put up a measuring chart and measure her. The sequence book about the snowman is really neat it has all kinds of sets of three pictures that tell the story of something making changes as in a sequence. (plants, egg to chick, a tub empty, half-full and then overflowing...)

Shapes, of course and stickers of all kinds of things. A neat little magnetic board that is a baby and you dress it up with magnetic pieces and of course a felt barn set. Oh, won't this be fun and they are all flat and can fit into my suitcase!!

All of you grandmas out there know what i'm going thru, so much excitement and thinking of memories we will make. I can't wait for the 7th to come. What fun. I feel so blessed to have the funds to go visit, husband that can be without me for several weeks (although daniel and i don't like it when we are a part) and a job that allows me to pick up and leave when i want. I am very blessed. I pray my heart always stays as thankful as i feel now.


Tiffany and Gregg said...

I didn't know that either...
How exciting for the whole family!
Enjoy your trip :)

Kathy said...

My mother came for the birth of both my girls and I loved our time then but it is even more of a treasure to me and the girls now that Granny is in heaven. There was a bonding that took place between them that has stood the test on time and even now the test of earthly separation. I appreciated it then but did not begin to see the lasting ripple effect my God had planned. All praise to Him. All your family are in my prayers.