Sunday, July 5, 2009

Incense to God

Prayers are needed at all hours of each day but I would like to request a few from the mission field. satan is at work all of the time to destroy the faith of those bringing the love of Christ and the path to Him for others.

The Zambia Medical Mission Team has left and are on their way to the adventures of 2009. Notice there are Audio Reports on the site. They are really neat to experience as they begin to record from Zambia, you will hear noises or silence from that culture. As you go to the site you will notice one of the youth who has participated in past years recently passed away and his mom died also after that post was written. This family needs our prayers. One of our own at Hope has gone on his first flight ever as he wants to serve in Zambia. Ryan Maxwell. We first met Ryan as part of the youth group that Justin and Alison had the opportunity to work with. We pray a mighty work will continue to grow in Ryan's heart. He will be a freshman at ACU in the fall. Please pray for the Prathers family, for Ryan's first Zambia trip and for the whole process. They will post stories of the 2009 trip. Book mark this and follow along with prayers.

Another team that I want to bring to your attention is the Cochabamba Mission Team. Laura Wallace Bull is on that team and we knew Laura's family many, many years ago in College Station. Her parents live in Grapevine at this point and we have stayed in touch with them. This family is 10 steps in front of us as far as having children overseas and they have helped and encouraged us in many ways they don't even know about. While Laura and her husband, Gary and boys were visiting in the states the youth group in Cochabamba had a bus accident and 3 youth were killed. This team and these families are in much need of prayer. Please pray for them each day as they heal both physically and emotionally. The Bulls are cutting their furlough short and are suppose to leave in less than 24 hours and the passports are missing. Please pray for the Bulls as they transition into Bolivia and begin to minister as God will lead them to do.

Another of the Lima Team will be leaving the states this week also. Mark Clany. He will arrive late on Tues. and will stay with Alison and Justin as he gets settled. We pray sweet blessings on Mark also. He will be a wonderful addition to the Lima Team that is actually in Lima!! John Mark and Tara and the kids will return from the states in the coming weeks also. Keep the Lima Team in your prayers. There was a story that Justin told at the Hope church of Christ while visiting. A man in a bus asked Mark and Justin about his life as it pertained to God's will and there was a conversation. It was one of those situations where God speaks to you and say, "Stop, and talk to someone for Me!!" I continue to ask for "a man in a bus" to come along not only to the Lima Team but to each of us as we walk as God's people.

Look out there and see who God wants you to talk with and serve today!! Expect that the Spirit will speak to YOU TODAY!!

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