Friday, September 2, 2011

The BANK!!

We have watched the construction for months and opening day has arrived!! All of campus is buzzing and many have cleared their calendar in the last days to help with clean up before the grand opening. Daniel's office volunteered to pick up trash as the feeding of the 5,000 happens, but the folks pretty much cleaned up after themselves so there wasn't much cleaning to do.

The Money Student Recreation and Wellness Center will have an all-night extravaganza of games, prizes and food. This will allow plenty of time for students, faculty and staff to familiarize themselves with the facility. Daniel was part of a group who enjoyed a tour this week before the opening. He is counting on the pool to supply some relief for his back as he continues to recover from his surgery. I hope to get over there and enjoy the facility also. Pam and Dr. Money were so excited for the day to come for the grand opening.

At chapel Dr. Money challenged all to look up as you enter in to the facility each time and ponder the verse they have as a theme verse.

He also told the students that he felt the name of the facility was just too long and so he asked them to name it. He said he had heard of a few names already and commented that "The Bank" would be a fine name. The only name he asked not to be used was "The Money Pit"!!

The facility is just wonderful. Two levels complete with a leisure pool for volleyball/basketball, water walkers, and lap lanes for swimmer. The original ACU pool is also available for lap swimming. You can see the fountain in one of the pictures as well as the ACU logo. There are many machines and even a classroom upstairs for a bicycle class. There is an 1/8th mile track marked off on the second floor and as you walk/run the track you look down upon the first level. We enjoyed great fellowship as so many entered and enjoyed touring the facility. Can't wait to use this!! I even found a few places to sit and visit in the future with all of those wonderful ACU students that encourage me so much.

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