Friday, October 10, 2008

Family Matters

A couple of things to share.
First, my mom, Alice, celebrated her birthday on October 8. I was fortunate to spend the night on Tuesday night and was able to see her early (5:00am'ish) on her birthday as I headed back to Abilene.

Second, my dad, Valentino, was informed that he had an annuerism in his stomach area. On Thursday stints were put in to alleviate the problem and he got to go home today.

Our prayers have been for their health and thankfulness for the lives they are living. We are always thankful for my sister, Becky Schafer, and her husband, Ted, for being available to go to doctor appointments and for hospital visits. NEWS FLASH: Ted has developed a taste for menudo. My older sister, Helen, has traveled to Bastrop for the weekend to visit our parents.

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