Saturday, October 25, 2008

If I had a hammer . . .

After taking part in ACU's homecoming activities and watching the Wildcats win 37-17 to go 8-0 for the season, we headed out to the house site to check things out. Early on this past Thursday morning, Cathie and I met the crews pouring the foundation at 7:30am with the temp at 37 degrees. All the workers kept saying how this was the best weather to pour a foundation, so there you have it! The framers worked Friday and part of Saturday to really put a this is starting to look like a house look. (see pics below) Again, being able to see all this happen has really been a blessing for Cathie and I.

In the morning, Sunday, we are going to go to the worksite and have a devo together. We will write some scriptures in the front doorway frame and the 4 corners. Afterwards, we are going to begin picking up scrapes of wood, rebar, and trash to try to keep pace with the construction. We hope this will help us save some $ to not have a crew come clean up the site.

We plan to have a gathering with our Abilene family/friends in the next couple of weeks to have them write scripture on the framing. If any of you want, send us a favorite scripture and we will write it on the framing.

We covet your fervent prayers.
Daniel and Cathie


The Driskells said...

Yeah! I'm so excited to see you have a blog up and going! We'll definitely be praying for you and your new house!
: ) Kara

Kirsten said...

Hi Orozcos! Good to hear from you guys. Hope and pray for more good weather as you keep building. Keep in touch! --Kirsten

Perks said...

Just found your blog!

I LOVE the idea of writing scriptures on the frame of your house. If ever we build, we will definitely do that!

Here's one from us...Psalm 19:14

Much love...