Friday, October 31, 2008

I'd hammer in the morning.

It is Friday, Oct 31, on the weekend we go back to standard time, which of course gives us more daylight in the morning when we dont want it and less in the evenings when we need it. Nevertheless, Cathie and I will be up early on Sat, Nov 1, to go work at the home site. Right now, things seem to be moving fast, so it is really exciting to see the work progress. We have chosen to clean the worksite rather than paying to have it cleaned. WOW! What a chore. Enjoy the pics below showing more of the process.


Justin and Julie said...

Wow, things are moving right along- how exciting! I love reading your updates!


Nicole said...

Cathie- I love it!!! Whoo -hoo I'm super excited for ya'll- and I love that you're cleaning your own site- what a sense of accomplishment...I love it when I feel that I have accomplished and miss y'all
nicole and cliv