Friday, May 8, 2009

Our Sweet Cailyn

You have not seen many pictures of our Cailyn on our blog, but she is visiting us so here goes!! We picked them up at the Austin airport - Daniel wore his red clown nose. It only took Cailyn a few minutes to crack a smile!! She immediately wanted to hold "Honey's hand". I was the chosen person she wanted to do everything until daddyO sang her to sleep!! He quickly won her heart over. Tonight Aunt Sister, Hannah, came in --- well, now she is the "chosen person". We are totally enjoying our grandparent days with Cailyn!!

Our first stop was Bastrop to visit with Daniel's parents. Bastrop BBQ (sauage/brisket) and tortillas were the menu and Cailyn showed she is a true Texan!! She connected right away with all of the family. It was quite a joy!!

Our next stop was to renew relationships with the Hope church of Christ. We enjoyed dinner after our Bible study. Mexican rice hit the spot!! Cailyn got to renew her friendships with Lindsey and Samantha!! And yes, our sweet Cailyn is left handed. We noticed that right from the beginning.

Last stop, Honey and daddyO's house. When bath time was mentioned, she took off running and was in the bathtub before any of us knew she was gone. That should tell you we have to be on our toes to catch this one!!! We are enjoying the greatest blessings this weekend!! Thank you, Father, for family!!


The Driskells said...

Love all the pictures! I miss that cute girl and I can't believe how much she is changing and growing. What fun!

Ayvrie said...

So glad you are having time with your sweet children and grand baby. Miss you!