Tuesday, May 19, 2009


As Alison, Justin and Cailyn packed up this morning our house went through a transformation. The master bedroom closet had been home for Cailyn to rest each day and evening. The pack and play fit just perfect. Thank you, Mitzi Mills(our builder) for making my closet so big!! We had a potty chair and books in the master bathroom and as we move into the kitchen you could see the little tikes table that used to be Allie's (justin's 10 yr. old sister). In the dining room/living room we set up Alison's toy box that my dad built for her and Hannah's bookshelf that my dad built when she was born. Of course toys and books were of plenty!! The stool that my dad built the girls was used for brushing our teeth, washing our hands, and for Honey to sit on because i couldn't fit at the little tikes table!! We had stickers, map pencils, play dough, elmo dvds, my rocking chair (over 50 years old) and lots of special books laying all around. Daniel and I played with Cailyn til our hearts over flowed. We took her to the zoo and sang to her every night before bed time. Storing up memories until Baby T comes in Aug. was a true gift from God!! We found a great dvd of memory verses put to song. Cailyn enjoyed them and was singing "keep me as the apple of your eye" before she left. And oh, yes, we enjoyed our visits with alison and justin!! We played mexican train dominoes and cooked homemade pizza. Justin was eating ice cream as he left, and Alison feels like she needs to walk off all of this American food that she hasn't had the rest of her pregnancy!! Alison and Justin spoke Sunday night at the Hope church of Christ about some of their struggles in Costa Rica and I feel they benefited from being so open and honest about their growth process. Daniel and I got in the car as they left and ran errands. It is best to keep our eye on what God has for us in Abilene as we watch our kids listen to His voice as well. You can all say prayer of praise on the Orozcos account for getting through their first furlough visit with our kids!!

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Kathy said...

Hey girlfriend I am enjoying my guite time while Katherine is in her own room. Randy is headed back to College Station. I enjoy each update you post thanks for posting and the pictures. It is a blessing to have the these resources. Thanks for encouraging me to learn how to use my computer. Sounds like God blessed your time with your kids. Our time with Randy was such a blessing too.