Monday, August 3, 2009

A Shot of Maroon!!

We had the best week ever this past week. Two families from Aggieland came through and gave us a visit!! First of all, Bob and Janice Garner came poking around Abilene. If you know Bob, then you know how SLOW he drives and on top of that (wish i had taken a photo) he was driving the RV and pulling a jeep. They were on the way to Red River and stopped by. We got to eat dinner and show off all of the new stuff on the ACU campus. (Jacob's Dream and Hunter Welcome Center with the Labyrinth) We enjoyed dessert (Blue Bell, of course) and laughed til our whole body hurt!! Boy, it was wonderful.

Second, we had a wonderful time with Bob and Pam Mann. My prayer partner for over 14 years, Pam, knows each step our family has taken with so many curves. It feels good to know someone that well!! Pam was here for the ACU Choral Reunion. They worked on many songs -- some pretty hard music -- and then recorded it for a CD. Bob and Daniel talked as much as us girls and enjoyed conversation about the house and sports. We enjoyed getting caught up with our kids news. We even got to hear what the sex their grandbaby due in December. They received the news in Abilene!!

Could we ask for more wonderful friends!!! I know it takes years to develop them but, I know God is working right now on our new season with friends like this in Abilene!!

I head out to College Station on Thursday. I get to ride with Ann and Darren Reese of the Thailand Team. They are so sweet to take me along. I will drive on to Houston on Friday with Erika Pourrajabi, Teri Wenzel and Allie (Justin's mom and sister) and Lynn Spivey. I fly out at 3:55pm on Friday to Lima. I really can't believe it is here and yet it seems to be so many years in the planning. Baby Corban or Baby Mya will come sometime in mid-Aug, as the Lord wills.

The book of encouragement I bought for my trip is Praying the Names of God, by Ann Spangler. I will post some thoughts as i read through it. Blessings to all!!

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Barb said...

What fun to have such great friends visit. These weeks will be hard to top! Have fun in Lima with your grandbabies. :)