Thursday, August 11, 2011

To DC and Back

With my nifty little spiral in hand, I began to list all of the things I was thankful for as I got settled into my airplane seat both going to DC and coming back home recently. Here is my list -- it made all the difference in the world where my mind went as I experienced what my brain tells me can be very stressful and full of anxiety.

Giving thanks for:
  • takeoff was on time
  • no large men in my space
  • went to bathroom on plane before take off and survived
  • very happy stewardess, sense of humor
  • a little boy's voice
  • a mom sat next to me
  • the smile God put on my face
  • my pill works
  • Kathy Troccoli music on my iPod
  • aware of elderly woman near me
  • water was available
  • great reading of One Thousand Gifts - my eucharisteo book
  • able to get my carry-on bag up into loading space
  • aware of people I can pray for
  • my books are so comforting, what I am used to, familiar
  • faithfulness in my life
  • being invited by Hannah and Jason
  • Hannah's insurance
  • availability for me to come
  • pilots who know how to fly
  • friends of Hannah and Jason who I look forward to meet while in DC
  • Daniel - his tender care for me, his love, all of his calls and emails checking on me (he had left for Denver on Sat. and I left on Mon. to ride to Dallas and fly out so we weren't together for a couple of days prior to my leaving)
  • Wallace Family - who let me spend the night and so willingly drove me to the airport on Tues. morning

    I then began to name some our the people who are part of my community, Hope church of Christ, and was so very thankful for their gifts and abilities. I give thanks for what is happening in their lives and how they are walking with God.

    As I came home last night I enjoyed the list again....
  • calm feeling
  • "love never fails" on a back pack of the young girl who sat on my row
  • plenty of room
  • a mom and a high school student sat on my row
  • again a great book to read
  • right temperature
  • ears are not hurting
  • no long time to sit on plane before taking off
  • got to talk with Alison before getting on plane
  • WONDERFUL day in Baltimore (I flew out of BWI)with Hannah - Panera Bread (gluten free) and my first pedicure, shopping at Arundel Mills Mall -- wow, think she plans to take Jason some weekend
  • text from Hannah as get on plan and just as I land
  • will see Daniel soon
  • my reading brought a picture of a homeless man -- good thoughts
  • arm rest is movable
  • no rain on the day I fly
  • Hannah was released to drive before I left, leaving her available to drive today
  • aisle seat
  • ticket was a great price

    "While I may not always feel joy, God asks me to give thanks in all things, because He knows that the feeling of joy begins in the action of thanksgiving." Ann Voskamp
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    Anonymous said...

    So you totally inspired us to make a list of our own about our adventure to Kerrville. It was healing and encouraging. Thanks for the inspiration friend.