Wednesday, August 17, 2011

August 18, 1979 -- 32 years of Walking Together

Don't we look grand....I love that I still miss Daniel when I leave town and that he calls many several times a day when I'm gone. I wrote words 2 years ago when I was in Lima as Corban was being born. Yes, we were apart -- me in Lima and him in Abilene - 2 years ago. But this year we are together in Abilene and have a movie and making dinner together planned.

As our girls have gotten married, it has caused me to reflect on our marriage in a realistic way. They have only really watched our marriage with marriage in mind for some short years. It is not quite fair for them to measure their marriages that are so new, and that are two completely different people against what they see in ours. We have had years to work it all out and still are in many ways.

God has been gracious to us and we have made many mistakes as we have travels. There has been much forgiveness and I always tell Daniel he is more gracious to me than I am of him.(continuing to ask for this more in my life)

When we do counseling with others on marriage we have a list of three things we feel we did well and three things we messed up. We talk about what we can see now and couldn't see back then. All by the grace of God have all of our days together been accomplished.

So today, I love where God has us and look with open hands for what He has for the future!!

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Barb said...

Happy Anniversary! We love and appreciate you two. :)