Wednesday, August 19, 2009

30 years

I"m a day late b/c my day in lima seemed to go so fast yesterday. i hope daniel will be able to scan a picture of our wedding and post it here. this is a dual project that i haven't told him about yet!! He is so good at doing "my" projects and enjoying them as if they were his!!

We got married after my four yrs. of college and him spending two yrs. at Blinn College and three yrs. in the Navy. We enjoyed his 4th year in the military as young marrieds in San Diego. What a 9 month honeymoon!! Our memories are so wonderful with the exception of us having some personality adventures to get thru our first year. For those of you who know us well, know that our strong personalities have needed much prayer and working out with one another.

Our wedding took place at the chapel on the University of Houston campus. It was a nice neutral place for our beginning to take place. Beautiful chapel with lots of stained glass windows. I loved it. I actually had to take a UH course in order to get married there. I took a parenting class and remember enjoying it.

My sweet Daniel has so many qualities that I didn't really know when we married. I knew he was kind to his mom, but not how that kindness would spread out through all of these years toward me. His tenderness during my parents' journey to death was remarkable. He really should write a book about it. He was there for me and for my parents in so many ways. I know his actions spoke love to my dad. (my mom died in 2000 and my dad in 2002). In so many ways he did for me things i didn't even know i needed. I always say Daniel would have sat for hours listening to me work through my grief, but that was a time that i realized all of the emotional pain and grieving was even better dealt with by lying down at night and knowing God understood without all of the talking. Although we did have many conversations over the nearly 15 years of Mom's cancer , we had talked much out as her final days came.

I didn't realize what a character he would be with children either. Our girls have so enjoyed his sense of humor and silliness when they were little-- well, even still. The singing was another thing. Daniel loves to sing and that came in quite handy with the raising of children. He didn't mind bathing the girls and reading each night. He was willing to lay down with them and rub their backs as they both enjoyed each night.

Daniel has always desired to lead our family and be our spiritual guide. He is great at protecting too. I have even gotten frustrated with his over protective spirit at times. He calls and checks up on me many times in the day and will go to the store for me at most any hour.

We have so enjoyed our empty nesting days. It has been 5 years since Hannah left our home in CS and we enjoy lazy days at the house and we also enjoy dinner and a movie. Our adventure to move to Abilene has been a JOY and we have been able to lean on one another in ways that all of those friends in CS may have provided for us but without them we have become closer. God's plan for marriage - what a complex thought and yet it is all about LOVE, looking out after another as a gift from God.

I love daniel and will be forever indebted to God for the mercy He has shown me in marriage.

Daniel's thoughts
The idea of being 53 is cause enough to realize that life is flying by. Add to that being married for 30 years, then you realize how this journey is near impossible without the grace of God.

Cathie's kind words above are evidence of God's grace in each other's lives. The book I could write would better highlight the bonehead things I thought and did, the mistakes or wrong paths I led us on, the harsh and unkind words I spoke. But, because of love, Cathie lifts me up as our families spiritual leader, encouraged me in this area and walked beside me, pushed from behind at times, and modeled to our girls that this was the pattern we were going to follow. part of my joy was being a part of the wonderful ideas Cathie has had for many of our family activities and events. A couple of those activities include:
  • Moms and Girls Purity weekend - Cathie took this idea and made it an event that many of our friends were able to be a part of. It just seemed natural to help with the supplies and cooking. I remember watching and listening to their lessons and their interactions and thinking how fortunate my girls are to have a mom that reminded them to not put her in a box, because she easily lived outside the boundaries.
  • Camp Iron Springs - for over a decade we did this as a family. Teaching together started in our first couple of months working on the Joy Bus, so it was natural to do this at camp. It was a great vacation for our family. Some of the young kids we met there are now our adult friends.

    Cathie is my wife of noble character gift from God. She is my example of prayer without ceasing. Her example, actions, words, and life have made me the husband, father, granddad, and friend that I am.
    Our journey has been impacted by the counsel of so many friends (special thanks to Ray&Phyllis Powell). The early foundation of our Chula Vista church family (especially Bob&Betty Covington), the nearly 28 years of being mentored in Aggieland (too many to list), and now our new journey in Abilene (especially the Mills and Popes) all speak to the grace afforded us.

    I love Cathie dearly, more so than what I naively thought when we were first married. Both of our families have greatly supported and loved us. Our friends have encourage us and walked with us through thick and thin. I can only imagine what the next 30 years will be like.

    If you are ever through Abilene, please stop by. Sit with us on our front porch rockers or back yard chairs and let's share together the grace of our Lord.

    Hannah Orozco said...

    I consider it a great honor to have such intuitive and wise parents as the two of you. I thank God for the love you share between you-I count it a blessing.
    Happy 30th (as of yesterday).

    The Frenches said...

    In a world in which society views marriage so different than God intended; I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being such wonderful role models to everyone you encounter. Your friendship is such a blessing in my life. God is shining through you all; you two and your entire family bless others as you travel through the journey of life. Thank you for being real and honest; for being open and willing to put all the time and effort into each relationship God brings to you.

    Happy Anniversary and may God continue to bless you both, your marriage and your family.


    The Driskells said...

    Happy Anniversary! I love you two as a couple, especially because of the Godly example you set for everyone around you! Thank you!

    mad4books said...

    What an amazing post! Thank you for reminding us all about what is REAL and VALUABLE in this world.

    And Cathie, may I say that your extraordinary perception in marrying a man who was kind and good to his mother has reaped benefits for so many women! Not only did you pick a man who is thoughtful to the women in his personal family, but also to the women in the church family he helps shepherd. We are blessed at HOPE to have wise leaders who truly value *all* of their members! We thank God for both of you and for your kids and for all that you add to our HOPE family!

    P.S. Keep us posted on the next book. Now that I'm on home rest with a tummy full of staples, I can read to my heart's content!