Monday, March 16, 2009


In Oct.(2008) Daniel and I decided to comittment to going to the gym on ACU campus and exercising. It had to be in the morning because of the hours Daniel was available. We went pretty regularly until recently. I have just gotten tired of the same ole routine. I knew I needed the exercise and so I decided to try what I had done in the spring of '08 which was to follow a plan online. The site titled Beginners Running Training Program gives you a eight week plan to run 3 Miles/5K. In looking for it again online I came across another site, The Couch-to-5K-Running Plan. So I have decided to try the second plan and I have totally enjoyed the weather and getting out in my neighborhood. I don't have to get up at 5:30am when Daniel prefers to get up and exercise. I told Daniel I do not want to be a discouragement to him but would like to try something different. I think he may decide to ride his bike with me as I walk/jog. Let me know what you think of the plans. I'm not a runner and so this is something I will be praying about as I experience what is best for my body. Peace.


Scott, Sara, and Sydney Nickson said...

I found you! Great to catch up! Love your blog. Ours is in case you don't have it!

The Driskells said...

Running is addictive once your body gets over the initial shock! I love running and wish I was there to do it with you! Good luck!

mad4books said...

Hey, let's meet Melody P. in the park someday and have her give us a running lesson!

I'm serious.

(I run like Phoebe on Friends. Once y'all are done laughing, she can show me what I'm doing wrong. I have asthma and flat feet, too...HA! it should be a real laugh-in for you two.)

The Moore's said...

I have started running again too, and I use (I think) the same program! Is it the cool one? I hope ya'll are doing well, and maybe see you at Kathleens wedding!