Friday, March 20, 2009

Questions To Ponder, It's Good for the Soul!

The Naked Christian, a book sent to me by a new friend, Patti Grassie, has me asking myself lots of questions. I pray for a pure heart, and I feel God wants us to keep growing as we are exposed to new thoughts. Some of the book speaks of experiences I have not journeyed, or have I and just haven't recognized it.

The author makes you consider these tough questions. Am I ignoring the poor, sick, oppressed? Am I willing to go the full measure of service set before me? Is recognition and influence more important to me than obedience and sacrifice? How am I with peer pressure? Do I feel I need to keep up the appearance, give off the correct signals? We all have a limp. If I'm afraid of showing it, then I'm presenting myself in too good a light.

"But if His love for His creation can find expression in the spectacular, it can equally be seen in the small and ordinary." pg. 6, The Naked Christian. Daniel and I have been called to serve at the Hope church of Christ. Some would say Hope is the small and ordinary. I like it like that, but as soon as I smile I hear God say, "don't get puffed up." Our humanness creeps out so fast. I can be prideful whether I'm serving at the A&M church of Christ (a congregation so well known) or Hope church of Christ (small and ordinary) All of the glory goes to God, "Glory in his holy name" - I Chronicles 16:10.

Side note here, go to Bible Gateway and put "glory" in and do a word study. Wow, much to learn.

The first chapter ends with the ambition, "I want to live a quiet life. To know God, to love him, to serve and follow," and then asks a question I leave with all of us.

Are we so sure that God only works through people on the stage, in the public eye, and without failings? pg. 22, The Naked Chrisitan, Craig Borlase.

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erin said...

Cathie, I ordered the book from Paperback Swap. Thanks for the recommendation. I appreciate any book recommendations!