Sunday, March 22, 2009

Long Time Friend

When Alison was 2 years old, the Hudgens family moved to College Station. I remember going over to their house for the first time for a meal. It was in the winter and they cooked Potato Soup. We have walked many steps with the Hudgens family, and been encouraged by their presence in our lives. Rachel was their daughter and she was 6 weeks younger than Alison. Kathy Hudgens and I enjoyed helping each other through the parenting years, and now that I'm in Abilene, we talk frequently.

Rachel has married, and she and husband, Sean Landolt, will soon be moving to Canada to serve with the Shelbourne Church of Christ congregation.

Rachel and Sean started their first home in Abilene and we were able to enjoy time with them. They were part of the crew who ate with us on our first Thanksgiving in Abilene. Rachel ask me to read Sacred Marriage with her in the fall, and we both were challenged by Gary Thomas' teaching.

As Rachel and Sean began planning their move, they wanted a good-bye time with friends in Abilene, so they came and stayed with us last week. It was a good time to reflect before starting the details of moving to another country. We know they will be a wonderful addition to their new church community and look forward to all of the adventures God sends them. Blessings to the Landolts.

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Rach said...

Hey great post! I love the pictures. You will have to post them on facebook so I can get them on my site. I acutally just posted the pictures from Christmas caroling. I know long time in coming. You will have to check them out if you have not yet. Also, got back and been moving forward slowly on packing but I feel a peace and readiness to get moving on it. We purchased the first set of boxes from Uhaul so I can start packing when I feel like it. We printed an update and are sending out our thank you notes from the wedding that have been written since christmas but life has been crazy enough that they have yet to be mailed out. These are big accomplishments. Love you guys bunches.