Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Omelet in a Ziplock

Omelet in Ziploc Bag
1 pint size ziploc bag
2 eggs
omelet ingredients (cheese, peppers, ham, tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, etc)
Crack 2 eggs (not more than 2) into the bag and shake.
Add ingredients into bag and seal, be sure to get all of the air out.
Place the bag (or bags because you can cook several at one time) into a boiling water for 13 minutes.
Open the bag and the omelet will come out easily.

One of my ACU friends, Jessie, came over this morning. I had layed out this recipe to see if this really worked. So we decided to make this a joint effort. I know the baggie of ingredients doesn't look all that yummy, let us assure you it was wonderful!!

The omelet rolls out of the baggie and is perfect!!

My friendship with Jessie is one of spiritual encouragement. We share how the Lord is working and speaking to us in our daily walk. We talked about wanting to live authetic and about bridging the gap between culture and the Church. We both want to grow in this area. She is soon off to Seattle Pacific to work on a masters in marriage and famil counseling. I will miss her in the fall. We ended our morning with her praying for us out on our front porch.

Thank you, dear Father for the precious ones you bring to me in my travels!!

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